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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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LP Proffers Condolence for Guinea Loss

Liberty Party joins the Government of Liberia in expressing deep regrets to the Government and People of the Republic of Guinea for the tragic loss of lives involving eleven Guinean Army Personnel including that country’s Chief of Defense Staff.


In particular, the party would like to console families of the victims upon whose shoulders the unfriendly hand of death has now laid the heavy burden of grief to be carried for a long time.

Liberty Party, in release issued yesterday and signed by it Secretary General, Jacob J. Smith, sees the death of our Guinean brothers who were on their way to join us in celebrating our Armed Forces Day, as demonstration of a genuine sense of ultraism anchored in a real commitment to fostering sub-regional peace and solidarity.

Liberty Party hopes that this tragic loss will reinforce Liberia’s continuing political and diplomatic engagements in the sub-region and beyond for sustained peace and stability.

By this, these honored dead would not have died in vein but that with their death will come increased opportunities for the Peoples of the sub-region within the spirit of regional cooperation. May Peace be to their ashes.

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