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Saturday, April 25, 2015
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CDC Condemns Demolition Exercise

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has described as counterproductive the continued demolition of private properties and the massive displacement of peaceful citizens by the Monrovia City Mayor and the Ministry of Public Works in Monrovia and its environs without any redress.

 The NEC says it is troubled by the scale of destruction, the displacement and homelessness of citizens who are unemployed and cannot afford to rebuild their lives.

A CDC release cites the destruction of homes on 24th Street, Sinkor, Clara Town and other suburbs of Monrovia without any redress, noting that such an action not only indicates that the UP-led government has run out of ideas on the way to improve urban development but also insensitive to the plight of struggling ordinary Liberians.

The CDC-NEC says the level of disproportionate force being used against unarmed civilians and private properties without any remorse and without the opportunity for the victims to be heard as required by law, does not only violate the victims’ constitutional rights but also indicative of the UP government policy of “might makes right”.

The party reminds President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of her numerous promises to the Liberian people during the 2011 Elections and noted that the wanton destruction of the homes and the displacement of citizens with giving them alternative livelihood are dangerous to the current democratic process, the rule and national reconciliation.

“It is quite ironic that instead of providing financial assistance and creating the necessary enabling economic and political environment for Liberians to improve their living conditions, the Government of President Sirleaf has decided to compound the miseries and sufferings of the Liberians by destroying their properties that they have been struggling with over their years to improve,” the Party said.

“It is saddened that our people who are already victimized by a exclusion and denial being pursued by the UP-led government, are again being exposed to more hardship.”

The party calls on Madam Mary Broh and the Minister of Public Works Kofi Woods to think highly of the negative consequences of their ruthless actions and the danger of rendering their fellow compatriots homeless, and warned that no one, no matter his/her side or connection to the top is above the law.

“The CDC again reminds the government of President Sirleaf to remember that those who are being victimized today in the current demolition exercise without any redress are the very people, who cheered and sang praises at President Sirleaf’s campaign rallies during the 2011 election,” the release noted.

“It is an affront that 18 months after the 2011 elections, UP-led administration has forgotten so early all of the promises made, and is now pursuing an agenda to render homeless and expel Liberians whose lives have been compounded its poor economic policy.”

Meanwhile, the CDC has called on the government of President Sirleaf to adequately compensate all those whose properties were destroyed, repossessed them and rebuild their homes or else, the CDC will have no other choice but to take the appropriate legal steps to protect the rights of those affected.


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0 #2 Isaac O. Ross 2013-02-20 19:22
While it is true that we support development in Liberia, it behooves this government to provide shelters for its citizenry. Have there being any estate built to relocate these furstrated Liberians or this is another recipe of chaos in our country. Madam Sirleaf please retrospect.
0 #1 J. saywala Kennedy 2013-02-08 04:13
my first concern has to do with the process; what is the gov. intentions as it relates to the demolition and what would the CDC do other than this if they were in position? Did the gov. put into place any form of relocation/pack age to benefit these people? What a Liberia do we foresee?

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