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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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No Secret Plan to Destroy West Point

The Commissioner of the Township of West Point, Miatta haja Flowers has denied media report of a secret plan by the Liberian government to demolish dwelling places in that area.

Recently, Montserrado County district #7 Representative Solomon George told a mass meeting of West Pointers that government was planning to demolish their residents without appropriate resettlement package.

But, speaking to journalists at her West Point office yesterday, Commissioner Flowers said, “Recent statement by Representative George that government is secretly planning to destroy West Point is not true. It is intended to incite the citizens of west Point against this administration.”

She accused Representative George of holding a mass meeting in the community on Sunday, February 3, 2013, at which time the he informed residents that government has finalized secret plans to destroy their homes with in the community and made over 100,000 people homeless including elderly, women and children.

According to Commissioner Flowers, Representative George, a Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Lawmaker called on the residents of to stand up and resist any attempt by government to demolish their dwelling places.

Commissioner Flowers said Rep. George held meeting with residents of the community at which time he informed them that government has finalized plans to secretly destroy homes in the community of West Point and made over 75,000 residents homeless thereby creating fear in the minds of the community dwellers future.

The Commissioner indicated that the action of Rep. George was not only inciting residents of the Township against government but has put she and her team of leadership lives in danger as some residents were now accusing her administration of selling the entire community to the government without considering their interest.

She said Rep. George action to incite the people of West Point and at the same time called on them rise up against was not in the interest of the residents of that township rather to bring the good people of the community and government in a state of confusion.

She called on residents of West point are peace loving people who have no intention to support the calls of Rep. Solomon George concluding that if the government is to seek the relocation of West Point the government will not do it in secret as stated by the CDC lawmaker rather will engage the people of West Point in negotiation before any action is taken.

Meanwhile, Rep. Solomon George has vowed to stand up against anyone who may want lead demolition campaigns in West Point and other parts of District #7   in Montserrado County.

Rep. George said with his support, the people of District #7 with him being at the frontline will tie anyone who made want to carry out demolition of homes and drag that person to the last government toilet in West Point should that person or group of individuals failed to negotiations with the residents of that township and other communities in the District.

He said without fear or favor; nor regrets about his comments of tying anyone and dragging that person on a motorbike to the last government toilet in West Point, the lawmaker concluded of being angry of government demolition exercise that he claimed was affecting only the poor and not the rich noting that government do not have a plan to provide assistance to people who homes are being destroyed in Monrovia.

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