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Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Ref: Take Cue from Cllr. Sherman

Your Excellency:

The people of Liberia have cast in the dustbin of history yet another year of national existence following the observance, if not the celebration, of the nation’s 166th Independence Anniversary.  As if it was a measured analysis of these long years of national voyage, the occasion’s main orator, who is your party’s leader, spoke of the gains and failures of your administration. Understandably, some national discussants of the 15-page oration of Cllr. Varney Sherman sound bitter and betrayed due to the boldly revealing and militant tune employed by the speaker. In fact, some are asking, “When did Varney Sherman get to know all these governmental performance issues?” over which his comments, as leader of the ruling party, appear nearly disapproving.

Bravo, But We Bid You Continue

Your Excellency:

The Executive Mansion issued an official press statement late yesterday evening announcing the resignation of the controversial acting mayor of the City of Monrovia, Madam Mary Broh. The statement was too brief for its significance. It simply acknowledged the resignation and said that your aides were processing it. The obvious truth is that you probably have not received the resignation letter officially. So, it will be out of order for anyone to expect your comment on it. But that’s okay. The implication is obvious; and that is the basis of this memo.

Happy New Year, Madam President

Your Excellency:

How fleeting is time! How it eludes and taunts human efforts! The year 2013 is in its dying moments; soon, it will be 2013. How we wish time could be regulated to work in cadence with human endeavor, aspirations, hopes, and achievements. Anyway, we wish you, the First Family, and yea this nation “under God indivisible”, a happy, prosperous, and progressive New Year. It is our prayer that in 2013, this “Glorious Land of Liberty” that was born of the need for freedom, democracy, and self-actualization, will now ride on the wings of prosperity, peace, and reconciliation. While we have no illusion that God is the Final Arbiter of human events and that what He decrees is final, we want to add that these kind sentiments will receive God’s anointment only, and only if we, as government and people, dedicate our energies to the rebuilding of this nation beyond the trappings of personal interest – beyond the “mentality of making personal hay while the sun is up”.