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Monday, April 27, 2015
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Darius Dillon Write Liberia

My Beloved ‘Motherland’… Liberia,

It is with sober reflection that I write you this letter. It may not be one of my best communications, because, as I write, I cannot control the loads of tears rolling down my cheeks in grief and sorrow of your current poor and sad condition. So, please forgive me should I forget any key points or misrepresent some facts. I shall leave it to your other well-meaning children to fill in or correct me (should they be touched and decide to do so).

An Open Letter From MICAT

Dear Sir/Madam:

This week, from Wednesday, January 30 to Saturday, February 2, Liberia will be hosting a meeting of the High Level Panel (HLP) on the post-2015 development agenda.